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The picturesque town of St. Julian’s is on Malta's east coast. Once a fishing village, today it's a bustling town full of restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues. Pembroke, where the school is located, is just a 10 minute walk away and offers a peaceful atmosphere more suited to learning.

The school offers a variety of English language courses: whether you'd prefer an intensive course in order to make rapid progress or a special exam course to prepare for the Cambridge Language Certificate, or one of the other courses, you'll get to the level you want.

In addition to learning English, you'll become familiar with the daily lives of the Maltese people, enjoy their traditional cuisine, discover the local history and art and immediately apply your new skills after every lesson.

With native and proficient English-speaking teachers and a communicative and friendly learning environment in the classroom, you'll find your time studying at Sprachcaffe just as worthwhile as your downtime spent relaxing in the Maltese sun.

Through the pre-course placement tests, you will be placed in a class with learners who have a similar English level to you. With lively class discussions, question and answer sessions, role-plays and topical listening and reading exercises, you and your classmates will cover all the fundamental elements of the English language.

School facilities



Air-conditioned classrooms

Air-conditioned classrooms


Student relaxing areas

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Computer access

Volleyball court

Swimming pool

Bar on campus

Restaurant on campus


24-hour reception

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