Terms & Conditions

LingvoBooking.com is a service for searching, comparing and booking language courses abroad and other relevant services for free. The language schools trade for their own account.

Definitions used in the given Terms of use

  • Website - site www.lingvobooking.com
  • User - a person who came to Website for searching and/or comparing and/or booking a language course and/or other Relevant service via Website.
  • Relevant service - services provided by Service providers (such as accommodation, catering, social activities, excursions, insurance and so on).
  • Service provider - a language school that provides services on language courses, preparation for exams and foreign University pathways.
  • Student - User who booked a course via Website.
  • Terms of use - conditions under which Users and Student are allowed to use Website.

1. General provisions

By using Website you irrevocably agree with Terms of use. Please refer to Terms of use before making a reservation via Website and if you do not agree with them do not use Website. If you use Website you are obliged not to use it contrary to the law or Terms of use.

2. LingvoBooking.com service description

LingvoBooking.com has been created and is operated by LB International Student Service, registered in Finland with address at 9 Särkiniementie str., Helsinki, 00210, Finland. We operate as an intermediate between language schools and Users/Students in order to provide them with the possibility to search, compare and book language courses, accommodation and other relevant services online. LB International Student Service is authorized to act as an agent between Service providers and Users/Students in virtue of the agent agreements signed with each Service provider listed on Website. LingvoBooking.com is baed on up-to-date information given by Service providers. LingvoBooking.com methodizes and unifies the information gathered from Service providers, creating conditions for quick and easy searching, comparing and booking.

3. LingvoBooking.com - usage costs

Everyone can use LingvoBooking.com to search, compare and book language courses abroad free of charge. LingvoBooking guaranties that all prices on Website are official and direct prices of Service providers and are free of any retail margins.

4. Booking process

It is quick and easy to book your course and accommodation with LingvoBooking.com. Just choose a course you are interested in, complete necessary fields to the right of the course description and click “Reserve”. Then you will be asked to provide some personal information so that we could process your reservation enquiry. When all necessary fields are filled in click on “Confirm”. Right after that you will receive the confirmation on your email that we have received your reservation form. If you do not receive the confirmation, please contact us on support@lingvobooking.com. Within three working days we will send you school’s invoice along with an instruction on how to make payment. Payment is always transferred directly to the school via ordinary bank transfer to a school’s bank account or by debit/credit card to a school’s account. If you don’t need a visa to enter the country of study then you will be asked to pay a deposit of minimum 20% of the total invoice sum. The exact minimum deposit amount will be stated in a payment instruction. Your reservation is confirmed only when you make the full payment to the school and receive a confirmation letter. If a school does not receive full payment before commencement of a course, your reservation is cancelled. We recommend paying your course (and accommodation if necessary) in full at least two weeks before the course starts. Additionally to Terms of use Student is obliged to comply with Terms and Conditions of the school. LingvoBooking will not be liable for any damage which is caused to the health or property as a result of agreement between Student and Service Provider. All disputes between Student and Service provider will be resolved directly between Student and Service Provider. Student is recommended buying a relevant insurance. If Student has any serious health conditions or food allergy it is necessary to give us the full information on it before booking a course. Booking a course you are obliged to pay it in full and attend all classes. If you do not pay your tuition and accommodation before the start of a course your booking is cancelled. LingvoBooking.com transfers your information to a chosen Service provider but cannot guarantee a place before Student’s full payment. All bank charges are paid by a payee.

5. Payment

Payment is always made directly to a school. You will be sent a detailed instruction on how to pay an invoice along with your booking confirmation. In most cases payment can be made by a debit/credit card online on a website of a school or via a trusted platform. If you wish to pay via ordinary bank transfer you can do so by sending funds to a school’s bank account. School’s bank details will be stated in an invoice. As soon as Service provider receives a payment it will send you a relevant confirmation.

6. Visa

If you need a visa you should pay your invoice in full. Once a school receives full payment it will send you a visa letter via email or, if necessary, by currier service (subject to extra fee). Students who need a visa to enter the country of study shall book a course and accommodation at least 8 weeks before commencement of a course. Students should not buy their tickets until LingvoBooking.com confirms their course and accommodation and until they get their visas. Students are obliged to inform LingvoBooking.com about any changes in their contact information. You can find Privacy policy on the link https://www.lingvobooking.com/privacy. It is responsibility of the student to arrange all applicable travel permits or visas and to have a valid passport. LingvoBooking.com is not responsible for determining whether or not student needs a visa. Visa regulations change from time to time therefore we strongly advise you to contact the relevant Embassy/Consulate in your country for up to date information.

7. Currency converter

The currency of Website is Euro. Rates in currencies except euros are not verified as accurate, and actual rates may vary. Currency quotes are not updated every day. Your booking will be done in the currency of the school. The information supplied by Website is believed to be accurate, but LingvoBooking.com and our respective Service suppliers do not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. When using this information for any financial purpose, we advise you to consult our qualified advisors to verify the accuracy of the currency rates. We do not authorize the use of this information for any purpose other than your personal use and you are expressly prohibited from the resale, redistribution, and use of this information for commercial purposes.

8. Cancellations and refunds

The general cancellation and refund policy of each language school is made available on our website at the language school information pages, during the reservation procedure and in the confirmation email. Please note that certain rates or special offers are not eligible for cancellation or change. Please check the course and or accommodation details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation. The user needs to accept the terms and conditions of the service providers prior to booking. The service provider is solely responsible for the correctness of the information in the terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the Student / User to clarify any ambiguity about the terms and conditions of the service provider prior to the booking. If you wish to review, adjust or cancel your reservation, please revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the service providers's cancellation and refund policy. We recommend that you read the cancellation and refund policy of the service providers carefully prior to making your reservation. The deposit paid online is refundable with accordance with the terms set out by the Service Providers prior to course start date. The administrative and banking costs will be deducted from any refund agreed. The booking is subject to the the service providers's own cancellation policy. An administration fee may be charged by the the service providers in the event of cancellation. We recommend you read the cancellation policy of the the service providers carefully. LingvoBooking.com will not charge any additional cancellation fee. If you cancel more than 4 weeks before the start of the course most the service providers may not charge a cancellation fee or will simply charge the inscription fee, which will have paid as part of the course fees, as cancellation fee. You are strongly advised to take insurance in case you are unable to start or to complete your course for reasons outside your control. To request a refund or make a cancellation send us a letter to support@lingvobooking.com.

9. Cancellation by the service providers

We make all reasonable efforts to provide the courses as set out on Website. Occasionally, the the service providers have to make changes to and correct errors in brochure and other details both before and after bookings have been confirmed and cancel confirmed bookings. Whilst the service providers always endeavour to avoid changes and cancellations, they must reserve the right to do so. Most changes are minor. If Service provider has to make a significant change or cancel, we will tell you as soon as possible. In case of cancelling by Service provider all money you paid will be refunded. If your reservation has been canceled by the the service providers, you will receive an email to confirm your cancellation. If you do not receive the cancellation email, please check your Spam/junk folder to see if the email is there. If you have not received a cancellation email in your inbox or Spam/junk folder, please contact our customer service at info@lingvobooking.com. Any amendment to the dates of stay of a Special Offer or Non Refundable reservation will be charged by the service providers and is non refundable due to the special deal. LingvoBooking.com shall not accept any liability for losses, additional expenses or any claim whatsoever due to changes in accommodation or other academic services, sickness, weather, strikes or any other cause. All such losses, additional expenses or claims will be borne by you unless otherwise agreed between you and the service provider.

10. Cancellation due to visa refusal

If you have been refused visa you must inform us immediately, failure to inform us with less than 14 days before the course start date will result in refund refusal. In event of visa refusal into the country where you book your course, official documentation of the application refusal and original documents from the language school (Letter of Acceptance) must be sent to us before refund can be considered. No refund will be issued where original documents have not been received. You must send these documents by recorded post or scanned by email to info@lingvobooking.com. Where refund is to be issued due to visa refusal full course and accommodation fee will be refunded less bank and/or credit card charges. Please note each school has their own visa refusal cancelation policy and some fee may be charged by the language school in this event. You can find the visa refusal policy of the school in the school profile on Website. LingvoBooking.com nor the Service providers will not issue any refund where: a) visa has been previously refused b) where visa is refused and/or cancelled due to poor non-attendance c) where the relevant Home Office, Embassy, Consulate or port of Entry immigration officials believe that you are not a bona fide or genuine student and subsequently refuses visa and/or entry to the country where you book your course/accommodation d) if student leaves the country during the course and its denied re-entry e) if appeal is pending f) where any information was falsified.

11. Arranged pick up transfer

If you have booked a pick up and/or drop off service you must inform us with your exact flight details at least 1 week prior to your arrival. You should look for a driver in arrival hall holding a sign with your service providers name or/and your name and/or their name printed on the sign. If your flight was late more than 30 minutes you may be liable for additional charges. If you can’t find your driver and you decide to leave without contacting the service providers you will not be entitled to a refund. You must call service providers in case if you can’t find your driver before you decide to take alternative transport.

12. Accommodation

The language schools provide accommodation if students book a full time course for the same period. Any such deposits which may be required for some types of accommodation, will be required at the time of booking and returned at the end of the rental period on the condition that there is no damage to the property.

13. Liability

Our service is based on information provided by Service providers. Although we do our best effort to ensure that all information provided on this website is accurate, we cannot guarantee that all information is comprehensive and error-free, nor can we be held responsible for interruptions, inaccuracies, typographical errors or non-delivery of information. LingvoBooking.com expressly reserves the right to correct any pricing errors on our website and/or on pending reservations made under an incorrect price. In such event, we will offer you the opportunity to keep your pending reservation at the correct price or, at your option, we will cancel your reservation without any extra fees. Ratings displayed on this Website are intended as only general guidelines, and LingvoBooking.com does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings. LingvoBooking.com and its Service suppliers do make no guarantees about the availability of specific products and services. LingvoBooking.com may make improvements and/or changes on Website at any time. The language schools and other suppliers providing language travel services on this Website are independent contractors and not agents or employees of LingvoBooking.com. LingvoBooking.com is not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of any such suppliers or for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting therefrom. LingvoBooking.com has no responsibility for any additional expense, omissions, delays, or acts of any government or authority. In no event shall LingvoBooking.com be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of your access to, display of or use of this website. LingvoBooking.com is not the party to an agreement between Student and Service provider.

14. Links to third-party sites

This website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than LingvoBooking.com. Such hyperlinks are provided for your reference only, in order to offer you an additional facility of this site. LingvoBooking.com does not control such websites and is not responsible for their contents or links included on these pages, which are protected by third party copyright. The inclusion of hyperlinks on this website to such other websites does not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators.

15. Copyright

No part of this internet site may be reproduced, wholly or in part, in any way, without obtaining the written consent of LingvoBooking.com.