About LingvoBooking.com

On LingvoBooking.com you can search, compare, and book language courses abroad without any extra fees or deposits.

We offer friendly and professional guidance to anyone looking to study a foreign language abroad. Whether you're interested in learning English in London, Spanish in Alicante, or French on the French Riviera—or anywhere else—we're here to assist you.

By booking language courses with us, you receive:

  • Free expert advice and support
  • Access to our insider tips to ensure your language learning journey is as smooth as possible
  • Exclusive special offers and deals designed to optimise your budget

Share your goals with us, and we'll:

  • Assess your language level at no cost
  • Identify the courses that best serve your learning goals
  • Assist in finding suitable student accommodation, if needed
  • Recommend the ideal course length

Additionally, if you encounter any issues with your school, we'll:

  • Step in to help resolve them
  • Handle requests on your behalf

How are we different?

Direct school payment

Unlike other platforms, where payments may be processed through third parties or intermediaries, LingvoBooking.com ensures that you pay directly to your chosen school. This direct payment method is designed to benefit you in several ways, particularly in the event of cancellations. By paying the school directly, you avoid additional fees or charges that might arise from intermediary transactions. This straightforward approach also streamlines the refund process, ensuring that any refunds due to cancellations are processed efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

Zero payment until your course is 100% confirmed

With us, you pay only after the school confirms the availability of your course/accommodation for your requested dates.

Why is this important? On other platforms, you are required to pay a deposit immediately upon sending your booking request. However, if your course/accommodation is unavailable for your desired dates (which can often happen during high season), the schools may suggest alternative dates. If these dates are not suitable for you and you decide to cancel your booking, there is a risk of losing some of the deposit due to bank charges or non-refundable fees imposed by the school.

With us, you are protected from this situation. By booking through our platform, you will not be required to pay any deposit until the availability of your course/accommodation is 100% confirmed by the school.

Not any school can be listed on our Platform

We work with a carefully selected group of language schools. Each school on our website is thoroughly inspected, often in person. We verify all required accreditations, and we assess the quality of teaching and accommodation.

In contrast, other platforms allow automated listings, enabling almost any language school to post their courses.