Winchester Language College

School description

Winchester Language College (TEG English Winchester) is a branch of Tompkins Educational Group. TEG English Winchester is situated on Southgate Street and only 2 minutes' walk from the city centre. The language school is in a classic Georgian-style listed building on a busy street close to the University of Winchester's halls of residence. The building has excellent views of Winchester Cathedral and the historic centre. The Principal, David Tompkins, established our first branch in Portsmouth with his wife, Alina, in 2007. David was teaching English for over 10 years before establishing the College. Thanks to many satisfied students, we have grown to a multi-branch group called TEG, which has also has branches in Southampton, Bristol and Winchester.

Description of the location

Winchester is a very beautiful, green and cosy historical town situated 19 km from the English Channel. Canute, a king of England, Denmark and Norway, had made Winchester a capital city of England. Only in the middle of XII century the capital was moved to London. Winchester is a perfect place for learning English. This town has a high percentage of natives of England so you can hear proper English pronunciation everywhere across Winchester. Also there is Winchester College and the University of Manchester, so there are a lot of students, mainly from the UK, and you can feel this student atmosphere in the air. Well developed infrastructure makes it easy to travel across the country. on your own.

Quality of teaching

College provides its students with a first-class language teaching service at a fair price. The stuff is very friendly and encourage social interaction through regular, fun and varied leisure programme to improve students' language learning as soon as possible.

School facilities

  • Small classes (14 maximum, but an average of 8 per class), dedicated teachers and mixed nationalities of students
  • Comfortable classrooms with modern facilities
  • Regular, fun leisure programme with social evenings, day trips and other activities organised.
  • Free internet and wireless (Wi-Fi) broadband
  • Free first text book
  • Free hot drinks for all students - anytime
  • Helpful accommodation service

Accreditation and membership

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General English in Winchester. 2 weeks.

General English in Winchester. 2 weeks.

Winchester Language College ● 20 lessons per week ● 1 lesson = 45 minutes ● Maximum of 14 students i..


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